Sarah Kensington is the owner of SLK Designs

Personalized Interior Designs by Sarah Kensington
SLK Designs is owned by the interior designer Sarah Kensington

If you are looking for a designer that specializes in interior design, SLK Designs, LLC is here to help.

SLK Designs, LLC is owned by Sarah Kensington. Sarah has a very diverse interior design background. She has been lucky enough to travel the world and has learned so much about interior design. Sarah has studied at the University of Hawaii as well as New York School of Interior Design. She has successfully worked for a number of different clients throughout the world and is currently renovating an office in New York, and working on several projects in the Caribbean and Paris.

Sarah manages residential properties which involves organizing staff schedules, looking for and interviewing new housekeepers, chefs, purchases and sources items needed for the house, i.e. dishes, flatware, furniture, art, etc. She also works with flowers and designs flower arrangements. For the households she works for, she visits the flower district, purchases the flowers and completes the arrangements as needed. In addition to that, she also does the interior design for many of the households that she manages. Sarah Kensington’s passions are in fashion, anything design related, good food, photography, travel, and reading. Although she stays very busy with SLK Designs, Sarah does enjoy working with clay and painting.